Ooidonk Art Festival


Goed Te Réables

Ooidonkdreef 5
9800 Ooidonk (Deinze)

+32 475 69 23 05

Saturdays & Sundays
11:00 - 18:00

Ooidonk Art Festival | OAF

Over 40 contemporary artists are invited by the Francis Maere Fine Arts gallery to transform the enchanting estate ‘Goed te Réables” near Ooidonk Castle into an art festival during the summer.

Join us from 18 May onwards for an exciting group show featured in the atypical setting of the 17th century estate and its domain. It will be an art exploration for established collectors as well as new art explorers.

To elevate the experience there is a summer bar BARASART on-site as well as the pop-up restaurant VUUR WERK (by reservation only).

The festival takes place during the weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) from 11:00 to 18:00. To ensure an interesting experience for returning visitors, the festival is split into two separate parts, each with its own selection of artists and artworks. PART 1 is ongoing from 18.05 - 30.06 and PART 2 from 20.07 – 15.09

During the first part, a Hanneke Beaumont special called “The Inner World” will be on view. This special continues at Château d’Annevoie as of July.

Get in touch to hear about our guided tours, group formulas or private event options.


Ooidonkdreef 5
9800 Bachte-Maria-Leerne (Deinze)

Hanneke Beaumont | Guillaume Bijl | Willem Boel | Pierre Clerk | Georges Cuyvers | Lisse Declercq | Johan De Wit | Adelheid De Witte | Etienne Desmet | Stief DeSmet | Eugène Dodeigne | Isidoor Goddeeris | Rosita Jeronimo | Sylvie Martens | Kris Martin | Karl Philips | Randoald Sabbe | Johan Tahon | Lieve Vanhoutte | Simon Verheylesonne | Peggy Wauters | Yumiko Yoneda

Toon Boeckmans | Luc De Man | Charlie De Voet | Ruth Devriendt | Anthony Duffeleer | Jan Fabre | Stanislas Lahaut | Lieven Lefere | Ileana Moro | Joost Pauwaert | Joke Raes | Thomas Renwart | Marius Ritiu | Dimitris Theocharis | Martine Thoelen | D.D. Trans | Roeland Tweelinckx | Koen Van Mechelen | Jo Van Rijckeghem | Tim Volckaert | Conrad Willems | Cathalijn Wouters

BUZZ by Isidoor Goddeeris | Extended


Vernissage 07/04 - 10:30 > 18:00

Wed. > Fri. 10:30 - 12:30 / 14:00 - 18:00
Sat. & Sun. 10:30 - 13:00

Isidoor will transform the gallery in Ghent into his own world in dialogue with some masterpieces from the gallery's collection. Step into Isidoor's space ranging from delicate slatted constructions to imposing sculptures in marble, from dancer's feet to bovine carcasses as well as installations where live bees take on the role of co-creator.

About Isidoor Goddeeris:

Happy childhood, growing up in a house on the edge of infinity. On a railroad line that goes unused, a road that leads in both directions to unexplored territory. There the child Isidoor explores the wide world. Climbing trees, erecting ramparts, building camps, establishing borders, war and peace, falling from trees. Playing with matter: earth, wood, fire, mud, insects, sun.

Later, his studio becomes like the land of his youth: vast, vaster, vastest. Here the grown man moves as freely as the boy, in all directions. And continues to build. Camps, boats, towers, theaters, bridges, stairs ...

He likes to play with the elements: let water flow over marble to make the stone undulate, let wood burn to find a color of darkness.

He looks for answers to riddles of nature. The delicate modeling in clay, the intricate building with wooden slats, the scratchy chiseling in stone ...