Georges Minne

Gent 1866 – 1941 Sint-Martens-Latem

Georges Minne was very good friends with important Symbolists such as Maurice Maeterlinck, Grégoire le Roy and Charles van Lerberghe. From 1890, Minne was taken up in the progressive artistic circles in Brussels, he was invited by artists’ group ‘Les XX’, with whom he exhibited just about everything he had produced until then. Even as a young artist, he had shown great admiration for Medieval and Renaissance sculptors. It is also important to consider Auguste Rodin as another great source of inspiration for his further development as an artist. In Brussels, Minne came into contact with Henry Van de Velde, who would introduce him in the international centres of the Art Nouveau movement: Paris, various German cities and, above all, Vienna. His participation at the Vienna Secession artists would exert enormous influence on his style.