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We present a selection of Jonathan Knight – "Recent Works" and Anna de Weert – "12 Masterpieces".

Jonathan Knight

This internationally recognized animalier has a special bond with the gallery. Our collaboration with Jonathan celebrates its 23 years already. The gallery gets the scoop of about 20 new sculptures for this exhibition.

Anna de Weert 1867-1950

This spring, a unique selection of twelve masterpieces by Anna De Weert (1867-1950) is brought to you by Francis Maere Fine arts.

Influenced by her mentor Emile Claus, Anna De Weert grew to be one of the most important impressionist painters in Belgium. Together with James Ensor, Georges Lemmen, Rodolphe and Juliette Wytsman, a.o. she founded the “Vie et Lumière“ group. Vie – Life and Lumière – light, those elements are felt so immediately when admiring the work of Anna De Weert. Through her recognizable hand and sense of balance, emotion, quality and depth, one can just feel the life around the banks of the river Lys where her studio “Hof ter Neuve” was located.

It is this endless love for nature, the cycle of life and aesthetic perfection that puts this emancipated woman firm among fellow European impressionist artists of her time.

Francis Maere Fine Arts is currently preparing a catalogue raisonné of the work of Anna De Weert. Please contact us to include your artworks or documents: info@francismaerefinearts.be